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Engineering Firm PCML highlight the excellent reliability, accuracy and performance of products from SMW Autoblok UK

Cambridgeshire based Engineering firm PCML, have noted their continued satisfaction at the consistent performance of the 'TC' Modular Clamping Equipment and the accompanying 'CLAK Quick Change Jaws'.

TC Range Features

The TC Range allows the user to achieve the maximum number of workholding combinations with the minimum investment in equipment. The clamping jaws also achieve incredible accuracy by being able to pull the workpiece down to 0.2mm against the ground base. All the components are constructed from oversize steel profiles ensuring the equipment is exceptionally sturdy and provides the user with optimal performance.


The fixed jaw has serrations on the rear face so that by reversing it, un-machined workpieces can be clamped. The movable jaw can be rigid or floating (for clamping on uneven surfaces).The standard CLAK system allows the quick-change of parallels, angular parallels, soft jaws and "V "jaws in order to hold any workpiece for machining. The weight of 27 kg (59 lb.) for the 150 mm. x 200 mm. (6"x 8") vise and simple clamping system allow for easy movement from one machine tool to another.

'From an engineering perspective we are very content with the performance and the reliability of the products from SMW Autoblok UK. The TC Vices are a prime example, and when we are faced with any project, we know that with the versatility, performance, accuracy and reliability of the TC Vices we can trust that they will enable us to get the job completed successfully'. Kevin Miller, Engineering Director, PCML

The Partnership

At the forefront of engineering and manufacturing state-of-the-art workholding, clamping and tooling solutions since 1942, SMW Autoblok UK have achieved sustained global growth by providing a consistent level of excellent customer service and technical support.

Due to the technical expertise and experience that PCML possess and their fantastic reputation within the engineering industry, we have always valued their feedback on any of our products.

Established in 2000, PCML are renowned for providing a complete solution to their customers' engineering manufacturing needs.

PCML gives input if required from the initial concept/design stage, through pre-production and manufacturing to the delivery of fully traceable finished components and assemblies to customers in National & International markets.

Precise Component Manufacture Ltd (www.pcml.net ) and SMW Autoblok (www.smwautoblok.co.uk ) is an example of a high-value supplier partnership.

"We both firmly believe an organisation, its customers and suppliers are interdependent, and a mutually beneficial relationship enhances the ability to create value for all parties. Furthermore we have always considered our company to be part of value chain teams, where true partnership working is vital to both commercial & industrial sector success and ultimately the economic well being of both our Region and Country", says Gavin Goates, Commercial Director, PCML.

PCML's focus on developing key stakeholder partnership relationships was recognised in 2013 when, in partnership with Haas Automation Limited, they won the Best Supplier Partnership Award at the Manufacturing Technologies Association, Manufacturing Industry Awards 2013.

A vital element in such a successful partnership has been the building of strong personal relationships, at all company levels. PCML and SMW Autoblok have continually strengthened these core associations since 2003, when the first SMW Autoblok workholding was purchased.

Use of SMW Autoblok technology has helped PCML to respond to customers increasing demands for the quickest turn around available on small batches of complex components at the most competitive price.

"More significantly our relationship with SMW Autoblok and others has enabled us to develop our uniquely innovative ProcureSmart Service, which helps our customers to significantly reduce their component inventories, whilst at the same time guarantee availability when demanded by their customers", says Gavin Goates.

Other benefits of the ProcureSmart Service include the ability to respond to customers engineering design changes as well as the ability to respond to sudden unexpected demand leading to a more efficient manufacturing process. Providing this type of service has put sustained pressure on PCML's production facilities, however SMW Autoblok has supported PCML by sharing its expertise and ensuring production is operating at maximum uptime and optimum performance.

"In addition to PCML currently using a number of our products, they are also due to trial our new SinterGrip product", comments SMW Autoblok's Paul Dempsey. "Following huge success in the European machining market and the subsequent UK launch, PCML have taken a number of SinterGrip inserts in for trial to assess their value, effectiveness and relevance to the industry."

With the two companies having already developed a healthy working relationship, PCML are the ideal company to test and assess our revolutionary new SinterGrip inserts.

About SinterGrip

The SinterGrip inserts recently launched by SMW Autoblok in the UK, meet the current demand for a device capable of achieving safe clamping at the edge of hard steel, aluminium or titanium workpieces. The SinterGrip, which requires only a 3.5 mm clamping area, is non-deforming and does not involve the use of a special machine or tool, or pre-machining.

The design combines solid carbide serrated inserts with a tapered triangular form and a pyramid shape that is equipped with two-angled teeth that penetrate into the workpiece material and create a pull-down effect to provide a precise, solid, stable connection between the vice and workpiece.

Technical Features

As already mentioned, SinterGrip consists of solid carbide serrated inserts type ISO P30 and P35 that are coated with method PVD.

Coated cemented carbide currently represents 80-90% of all cutting tool inserts. Its success as a tool material is due to the unique combination of wear resistance and toughness, and its ability to be formed in complex shapes.

Coated cemented carbide combines standard cemented carbide with a technologically advanced coating. Together they form a grade which is customized for its eventual application.

The big advantage of SinterGrip is therefore the combination of this material together with its own teeth sharpening, the special tapered shape and the special triangular shape. Those aforementioned SinterGrip features are the result of extensive detailed studies by our expert technical department.

Having worked together for many years, Managing Director at SMW Autoblok UK, Mike Dempsey commented on the relationship with PCML 'Having worked together for a long period of time, PCML have like ourselves built up a fantastic reputation within the industry and we look forward to working together for many years to come'
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