APS (Automatic Positioning System) - Product Profile

To continue our proliferation of products from the OML range available from SMW Autoblok UK, now we move onto APS after looking at SinterGrip and Genius.

The APS system has a number of qualities and benefits, much like SinterGrip and Genius. This article will look at a selection of these features and outline the positive impacts that APS can have!

• APS (Automatic Positioning System) is a universal connection between the machine tool, the clamping device and/or the work piece.

• The flexibility of APS allows both positioning and clamping in one operation with repeatability and accuracy < 0.005 mm (0.0002").

• APS uses compressed air (6 BAR-85 psi) for unlocking, it uses spring force for clamping and therefore no compressed air is required in the locked condition.

• Attach the clamping pins (A;B;C) on the clamping devices or on the work piece and it's completed immeadiately. Set-up time will be reduced by 90 %.

• Finally APS offers greater flexibility in set-up and an increase in productivity resulting in a short pay-back time.

After looking at the features and benefits of the APS system, these can also be viewed via the medium of this exclusive YouTube video at the bottom of the article.

Genius Product Profile

In addition to our product profile of SinterGrip; the next product to be showcased is GENIUS from OML. Like SinterGrip, GENIUS offers a range of extremely impressive features and benefits to the customer that are unlikely to be found anywhere else.

Below are just a selection of the wide-ranging features and benefits that are associated with GENIUS;

• The first feature which is important to note is that the clamping force of up to 40 kN, is generated right where it is needed most.

• Thanks to its own expanding screw, GENIUS can clamp workpieces up to 200 mm with just one set-up.

• Unlike the traditional vises, GENIUS clamps the workpieces by means of traction clamping.

• GENIUS is the first vise designed for the 5 axis-machine tools which can be used for high precision milling operations too;

• The movement of the jaws is not on a base, but on hardened and grinded shafts. This allows a more quick and accurate positioning of both on the same axis with the centre of the machine tool pallet and can assure a great flexibility and a high cost saving.

As you can see this selection of benefits from GENIUS are impressive and wide-reaching, however if you would like to find out more contact the office via our contacts page on the website and we will happily advise.

SinterGrip Product Profile

SinterGrip is a revolutionary product available from SMW Autoblok. SinterGrip is born and designed to satisfy the current need to clamp a workpiece at very few millimetres. The results are extraordinary, with SinterGrip providing the ability of a 3.5mm clamping surface.

The benefits of SinterGrip are huge, however it is important to highlight a number of the key features. Firstly SinterGrip doesn't require a special machine or tool to complete the punching process, secondly unlike Dovetail, SinterGrip doesn't need pre-machining on the work piece.

To further continue highlighting the benefits of SinterGrip and how it works it is important to showcase that along with the exceptional stability of the work piece clamping and no vibrations there are also no deformations achieved by reducing the clamping force after the first punching.

To find out more about the SinterGrip product, and the other products and services provided by SMW Autoblok UK please search 'SMW Autoblok UK' into Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google+. Also look out for a full product profile in the upcoming issue of The Machinery Magazine.

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